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Personnel for maritime professional fieldPersonnel for maritime professional fieldMaritime education in Bulgaria is specialized high education to prepare personnel for maritime professional field. Maritime education creates practitioners with guaranteed fulfillment and career prospects. Naval ready the Marine command university graduates globally. For this purpose, the Naval Academy is led by: - Striving to maintain the quality of education in accordance with state requirements and criteria developed maritime countries and international maritime and military organizations; - Understanding that training in the Naval Academy should provide as full implementation of the primary command posts in the Navy and civilian fleet and creating a basis for career advancement to the highest positions in government navy and waterways. Activity of the Naval Academy is the training of personnel and solving scientific tasks related exclusively to the maritime professions. The school is specialized, with its organization, specialties, educational facilities and educational traditions match the specifics of this activity.
Postgraduate training of marine specialistsPostgraduate training of marine specialistsNikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy has established and effectively functioning system for training of marine specialists. The reason for creation of postgraduate studies unit is the need to provide adequate professional training of officers of the Navy needed for the occupation of higher positions. The mission of the Department of Postgraduate Studies is to prepare its graduates to meet the high demands of modern military and naval vocational training. In accomplishing its mission the department hold courses on job, targeted and additional qualifications. The main tasks of the Postgraduate Studies Department are the following: - To prepare officers from the Navy to occupy higher positions through job training courses; - To provide language training of military and civilian personnel at the Ministry of Defense and the Bulgarian Army; - To train naval personnel for positions, which require new or specific knowledge and skills through targeted training courses; - To train naval personnel for participation in peacekeeping operations and analyze the results of the participation of the Bulgarian Navy in such operations; - To provide remote training of cadets, students and graduate students in the Naval Academy.
Maritime EducationMaritime EducationMaritime education in Bulgaria is specialized professional training to prepare staff for sea and inland waterways. Its characteristic is that it is related not only to their professional training, but is essential educational activity, providing a certain level of education - secondary and higher education combined with professional qualification for common and command staff for shipping. Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy is the oldest technical educational institution in Bulgaria. It has contributed not only to the development of the Bulgarian Navy, but also to the growth of this country’s technical intelligentsia and the establishment of Bulgarian maritime industry. Today Nikola Vaptsarov Naval Academy is national institution for high education, training and research in the field of national security and defense, maritime business and maritime technologies.