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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​|#ea94c8bd-b9e4-42a1-8e9f-736f24369b68;L0|#0ea94c8bd-b9e4-42a1-8e9f-736f24369b68|Branch -Territorial Directorate Lom;GTSet|#88f6797d-6873-4e1a-960a-cb9972affa05;GPP|#2c288abb-38c9-417b-a9b6-1372334d9154<p>The branch office manages the infrastructure and other fixed assets of public ports with national significance located in the area from km 645 to km 845.650 of the Bulgarian section of the river Danube. The territorial office in Lom (branch) provides service to the infrastructure of the following:</p><ul><li>Port Terminal Lom</li><li>Port Terminal Oryahovo</li><li>Port Terminal Vidin North</li><li>Port Terminal Vidin Centre </li><li>Port Terminal Vidin South</li><li>Vidin Ferry Complex Port Terminal </li></ul><p>Lom</p><p>Nezavisimost Square</p><p>Telephone: 0971 68 380 </p><p>Fax: 0971 66 972 </p><p>E-mail:</p>