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The Construction of Varna Intermodal Terminal is Among Our Most Important Projects, Co/83The Construction of Varna Intermodal Terminal is Among Our Most Important Projects<p><em>Discussion with the Director General of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company (BPI Co.) Mr. Anguel Zabourtov on the topic of the approved investment program of BPI Co. for the year 2016.</em></p><p>Source: <a href=""></a></p>The new investment program of BPI Co. in terms of size is commensurate with the last year’s program. Its realization was successful for the branch (Territorial Directorate Varna) and for other territorial directorates in Bulgaria. The transition units for realization in the area of Port of Varna are the Intermodal Terminal (Varna), engineering tasks for restoration of the port facility near Shabla; engineering regarding construction of communication units and surfaces in the port terminal Varna West; restoration of design parameters for the deposit unit (Provadiyska river). The new facilities which will be started this year are the following: the second stage of the repairs and restoration works – Varna breakwater; design and realization of a new water mains associated with Varna ferry complex; repairs of the hoist (transition) bridge No. 2, railway tracks and crossing; reconstruction of the building associated with the former House of Transportation Workers at 5 Primorski Blvd. The investment program specified also other repairs and rehabilitation works related to the restoration of the port infrastructure for public terminals with national significance in Varna.BPI Co. will work for a number of European projects with introduction of intelligent systems for traffic management, enhancement of safety and security of transport, evaluation of risk for Bulgarian ports and introduction of an information system for planning and management of BPI Co. resources. According to Mr. Zabourtov, this year we shall have the finalization of the design for the Intermodal Terminal (Varna); according to the Bulgarian legislation the financing of construction works can be realized in several ways. The first one is presentation of concession through a public-private partnership; the other one is construction using funds from the state budget; the third one is a combination between the first two options. It is possible that parts of this large-scale project will be a subject of financing according to some of the operative programs such as OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure or OP Regional Development. <strong>What are the regulatory challenges you are still facing? Should we expect new reforms associated with the activities of BPI Co.? </strong> - The frequent changes in the legislative framework and more specifically the general regulatory acts such as the Law on Public Procurement, the Law on Territorial Organization and the Law on the Black Sea Coast create some difficulties in relation to the organization of the company’s work. The problem is that during the acceptance of changes in the specified laws we do not have always consideration of the influence regarding the Law on Maritime Spaces, Internal Waterways and Ports in the Republic of Bulgaria and, respectively, in the specific sphere of activity of PBulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company. Part of the problems in this direction are related to the dynamic development of European and international legislation regarding the planning and construction of ports, provision of necessary security in these, development of the port infrastructure and provision of port services. Presently, we have a developed bill for modification and supplementation of the Law on Maritime Spaces, Internal Waterways and Ports in the Republic of Bulgaria in order to have standardization of the regime of specification and collection of port fees in the different types of ports. Also, we have a respective CM decree draft for changes related to the port tariffs collected by Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company.