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Activities Related to the Climate, Environment, Resource and Raw Materials Use Efficiency, Co/85Activities Related to the Climate, Environment, Resource and Raw Materials Use Efficiency The goal of the Public Challenge “Activities Related to the Climate, Environment, Resource and Raw Materials Use Efficiency” is the achievement of effective economy with regard to water and resources; sustainability regarding climate change; protection and stable management of natural resources and ecosystems; sustainable provision and use of resources in order to meet the needs of the increasing global population within the framework of sustainable bounds for natural resources and the Earth’s ecosystems.The age of seeming abundance and cheap resources is near its end: resources, water, air, biodiversity, land, water and sea ecosystems are under pressure. The combined influence of climate change, modern production methods and consumption models undermine life on our planet. If we consider the current trends until the year 2050 we shall need more than two planets with the characteristics of the Earth in order to support the increasing world population. Therefore, we have to separate the economic growth from the use of resources. Part of the answer is the creation of a green, sustainable economy in harmony with the environment. The work program “Horizon 2020” aims at investment in innovations leading to a green economy. This requires significant progress in the field of innovations in the social and public sector. The actions associated with the Work Program are directed toward the blanks in the knowledge database necessary for understanding the changes in the environment, identification of policies, methods and tools which most effectively influence the challenges specified above and support the innovators and entrepreneurs with regard to the introduction of green solutions for the market. Waste and water are selected as specific priorities because of their significant potential in relation to the creation of opportunities for business and new jobs, taking care of some important challenges related to the resource efficiency. Water is priceless resource for human health, food safety, sustainable development and the environment; this is an economic sector with increased significance in Europe. Despite this water resources are constantly under pressure due to climate change, urbanization, pollution and excessive use of drinking water resources. The enhancement of the condition of water resources in terms of quantity and in terms of quality will bring some significant economic benefits. The goal of this challenge is to use these new and significant market opportunities by positioning of Europe as a world leader in the market of innovative solutions related to water. The world market for drinking water and wastewater reached 250 billion EUR in 2008. The respective investment was more than 33 billion EUR per year. The pollution of water due to leaks (mainly due to agricultural activities) was evaluated in 2011 to be associated with costs of 30 billion EUR per year. The market of technologies related to adaptation to climate change – for example, protection from floods and droughts – is a fast developing market, especially if we consider that the costs related to covering damages was assessed as about 6 time greater than the costs for adaptation. The activities related to this field examine the following: integrated approaches for adaptation to changes in water and climate and alleviation of related consequences; introduction of innovative water solutions in the market; use of the results associated with scientific studies and innovations in the field of water for the benefit of the industry, creators of policies and citizens of Europe and the world. Source: Human Resources Development Agency