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About BPI Co BPI CoBulgarian Ports Infrastructure (BPI Co.) manages the port infrastructure of the public transport ports of national importance. Object of activity and status of BPI Co. are regulated by Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria.,
What is MIS for Black Sea is MIS for Black SeaMonitoring and information system for Black Sea (MIS BS) is a collaboration between several institutions working to collect, develop and share knowledge of coastal and marine areas of Black Sea.

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Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company implemented a modern software system for management of business processes Co/124Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company implemented a modern software system for management of business processes<p> 26 Януари 2017 </p> <p> Director General of Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company Anguel Zabourtov opened the final conference of the project Design and Implementation of Integrated Information System (IIS) for planning and managing the resources of BPI Co. The event took place on January 25, 2017 in the hotel Radisson Blue Grand Hotel Sofia. Mr. Zabourtov noted that the deployed software system will enhance substantially quality and efficiency of the company’s management.</p> <p> The project is financed with EU funds from the European Regional Development Fund under Priority Axes 5 Technical Assistance on OP Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014–2020 and BPI Co. is beneficiary. </p> <p> The speeches in front of reporters and quests presented the implementation results of SAP ERP in its integration with the already existing communication systems in the company. The Director General emphasized that the information technologies have actively entered in all spheres of activity of BPI Co, whereat several large-scale IT projects have been successfully implemented. </p> <p> Presentations on the realization of the SAP system functionalities for managing projects, budgets and administrative-financial processes were also given during the press-conference. Special mobile application is developed that allows remote access. </p> <p> The project value is 6 418 644,12 BGN, the funding of ERDF is 4 562 473BGN, and the national co-financing is 805 142,43 BGN. The Project contractor is STEMO Ltd.</p>
Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company awarded in the competition "Building of the year 2016" Co/123Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company awarded in the competition "Building of the year 2016"<p>13 Декември 2016</p><div class="new"><p>The reconstructed building Magazia 1 at Terminal East 1 of the port of Burgas was awarded the prize in the category “City Projects – transport infrastructure Burgas” in the competition “Building of the year 2016" – the most prestigious event in the field of investment projects, construction and architecture, rewarding the best achievements for the year.</p> <p>The special prize was awarded to the Director of the Branch-territorial Directorate Port of Burgas Mr. Ivaylo Ivanov during the official ceremony.</p> <div class="text_exposed_show"> <p>The building Magazia 1 is located near the Sea Terminal and the VTMIS Coastal Centre in Burgas. It was built in 1903. This makes it one of the oldest buildings in the port of Burgas. After the reconstruction, the building acquired a new look – modern maritime centre without losing its authenticity. The renovated building will have exhibition, entertainment and educational functions.</p> <p>Investor: Bulgarian Ports Infrastructure Company.<br>Designer: "ОBB Controlling"<br>Contractor: DZZD “Magazia Engineering”</p>

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Activities Related to the Climate, Environment, Resource and Raw Materials Use Efficiency Co/85Activities Related to the Climate, Environment, Resource and Raw Materials Use Efficiency The goal of the Public Challenge “Activities Related to the Climate, Environment, Resource and Raw Materials Use Efficiency” is the achievement of effective economy with regard to water and resources; sustainability regarding climate change; protection and stable management of natural resources and ecosystems; sustainable provision and use of resources in order to meet the needs of the increasing global population within the framework of sustainable bounds for natural resources and the Earth’s ecosystems.GP0|#d744d692-b382-4ce3-afb4-02472f680420;L0|#0d744d692-b382-4ce3-afb4-02472f680420|Climate and environment;GTSet|#88f6797d-6873-4e1a-960a-cb9972affa05;GPP|#97f54871-6c19-4e8b-9922-67f73c01a627
The Port of Burgas is a Starting Point for Cruises Co/84The Port of Burgas is a Starting Point for Cruises In 2015 one of the largest cruise companies in the world, Pullmenter Cruises, selected the port of Burgas as a starting and ending point for cruises. Tourists will arrive by chartered flights and will board the cruise ships in Burgas. For some other tourists Burgas will be the endpoint of their cruise. “In the case of the port of Burgas, this means doubling the traffic of passengers and respectively a serious growth for tourism” said the Executive Director of Burgas Port EAD, Mr. Nikolay Tishev. The port of Burgas has the capacity to accommodate the largest cruise ships sailing in the Black Sea. This will be a benefit for the port and for the tugboat companies, the pilot station, tour-operator companies and the state, said the Executive Director of the port. “Let us not forget that Burgas is the middle point between Nessebar, Pomorie and Sozopol. Through Trakia highway it will provide direct access also to other tourist, cultural and religious landmarks in Bulgaria” said Mr. Tishev. A main advantage of the cruise tourism is the good solvency of tourists and their great interesting in the cultural and historical heritage of the countries they visit. In the year 2013 the number of passengers who passed through Nessebar and Burgas was record-breaking: 55 ships and nearly 27 thousand passengers. For the year 2015 there are more than 60 reservations. The most intensive months were September and October. The main priority of the company in 2014 was the start of the operation of the new passenger port. Five cruise ships landed there with 5670 passengers within two weeks after its opening in October. GP0|#f2b6862a-33e2-42f1-aaf8-457d584b49ae;L0|#0f2b6862a-33e2-42f1-aaf8-457d584b49ae|Ports;GTSet|#88f6797d-6873-4e1a-960a-cb9972affa05;GPP|#97f54871-6c19-4e8b-9922-67f73c01a627

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Black Sea ports, Sea portsSee information on the public transport ports of national importance of the Republic of Bulgaria. The map contains data about infrastructure, port terminals, berths, piers, quay walls and others.
Climate, information about climate in Bulgarian Black sea. The map includes data and information on readings from sensors coming in real time; Temperature of sea water generated in marine monitoring program Copernicus  (current and historical) ; Historical data on major storms - direction and wave height (NIMH -BAS)